Family GPS Locator GeoZilla App Reviews

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Terrible app!!!

Absolute scam. Nothing good.

Can’t start to use it

Joke! Not trying for trial unless I pay for it!

Great App

This app is great especially for a mother with children. I will always be able to locate them god forbid we somehow get separated in a store or anywhere for that matter. This app give you that extra security and comfort.

Use to work well

They are forcing you to try their program and force me to pay 3 months. I will be taking this app off of all of my devices. Get someone that will pay your ridiculous price. Love the simple idea you had. Don't give in to their 7 day trail.

Not working this could be a scam!

Not working this could be a scam. You can’t sign up after installing... could be a scam to block your ability to cancel the trial subscription. Then they will charge $49.95 after trial is over in 7 days. Can’t find a way to cancel...

Can’t open site

After taking my money why is it that I can’t use the app, it’s been paid for 3 months and I’ve never been able to use it. I have already cancelled for that reason.

Quiero probar la aplicación cómo está para tenerla en mi teléfono

Quiero probar la aplicación aver cómo trabaja para tenerla en mi teléfono

Upgrade needed

If I see the upgrade to Premium and the dollar amount again...I will nix this app. I would pay.., IF this app was consistent. It will tell me the location of my child in the same spot for 20 hours. In actuality, they have driven a 100 miles...home. Every time I voice my opinion/concern ...I get a not so nice email back.

Works! Most of the time

Find my friends just stopped working. And no support. This one does work.


I Rafael guerrero have not used your services. and ask you to cancel your services that I have not used. my credit card # 3097 please acknowledge and confirm my request Sept. 24. 2018

Still working with

Still working getting to know what and what you can do but so far pretty cool


Doesn’t always work.




I get this app to check on my husband and is always right ! I love it

Great app for my family

New version works great!



Wouldn’t recommend

Doesn’t work very well. Worked ok for a while, then wasn’t reliable at all. I decided to delete and reload and when I reloaded the app wouldn’t let me go in unless I paid for a subscription. Where did the free app go? I definitely wouldn’t recommend.

Muy malo

No se porque me an cobrado 49 cada mes y se supone que es cada 3 meses y no se porque no puedo iniciar cesión

Love it

I have been using this app for quite awhile now. I started when my daughter first got her phone ,it’s been my favorite one so far. My daughter likes it as well she tracks me too haha. Mom why did you leave lol. I added my mom who’s in another state as well. It’s my favorite stalker app lol

Be careful

They charge me in first day of trial, I don’t like ether

Radically different from the Android version

Android version doesn’t put a gun to your head to make you buy the premium version. Essentially THIS version is demo ware not a real app. Which is a pity. I guess they figure if you buy your child a thousand dollar phone who cares what the apps and app services cost. But this is a work phone I don’t pay for at all so I’ll never pay for an app or an app service. Apple Uber Alles!

I love it but..

I love it, but how do I make it private for my family only, some people join my circle so I had to delete them.

Zero stars

Why would thay want money just to see like your best friend or something is going and I bet I bet this is a scam I hate this app please just delete this app if you have it




How do I get my money back.. I do not want this app I have never used it.




Hated when they asked for credit card and it says it’s free.

Las gigantes



I can’t ever find one of the people in my circle!!! Since I only have 2 in my circle, it’s kind of worthless!

Scam for money

Once you download it, they then tell you it cost money on a subscription. I deleted.

The most expense trial ever!!! Please Read!!!

They try to force you into subscribing hoping you forget your 7 day trial ended at $49.99 every three months! Wow! $199.96 a year is quite a bit for a tracking app!

Me parece excelente ahora bamos haber si es lo que prometen



Dose the person you’re calling have to have the app too

Strong arm to premium

Read a review complaining about this app strong arming to upgrade to premium, thought, “How rough can it be?” Downloaded, immediately found out. You can’t get past a longer premium solicitation screen without accepting it and remembering to cancel before 14 days. Not acceptable performance in an app I would use or an organization I would patronize. Deleting immediately after writing this review.


Great 👍🏻




Very good service app




So not accurate, waste of time and space

Welcome to Me

I’m very happy with this App Moccosa

Locating family members want let me put in a number to find them not helpful

Not helpful finding family members only finding me




ข้อลองเล่นดูก่อน แล้วจะไห้5ดาว

So So

Only works when it wants to. There must be an app that performs better.


Love this app and I find it very helpful.


Do not recommended. Tried it out and was strongarmed into the “premium”. Realized this app isnt what i wanted and they made it very difficult to cancel membership

Didn’t work

We had Life360 but it was a bit of a battery drain so we switched to Geozilla. It could never locate my son. I would try to find him and it couldn’t locate him and then I’d get an alert a couple of days later that they located him at the house. It was easier to just call him. Life360 seems to have fixed its battery issues so we’ve switched back. It has no issue finding him. He’ll be driving soon and it’s nice to have that peace of mind.


So helpful service. Well done!

Very good

Very good

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